CrownWall 6" Super Bundle (64 sqft) with 26-Piece Accessory Kit

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Take advantage of endless storage possibilities with the help of Garage Royalty's Super Bundle. This bundle includes all the pieces needed to install an 8ft by 8ft, a 4ft by 16 ft (64 total sqft) OR even two separate 4ft by 8ft sections of our heavy duty CrownWall. Tackle any space with confidence thanks to the included 26-piece accessory kit, which combines our two most popular accessory kits to ensure you have everything you need to get organized, at a discount!

Cut the clutter with the strongest and most stylish slatwall on the market! Reclaim valuable square footage by maximizing usable wall space to fit your unique needs. Our modular design means no space is too great or too small. Cover your walls, install a simple section, or even break it into several tracks. Our panels can be easily cut to any desired length. Change your configuration or add to it at any time.

IN THE BOX (Ships in 3 boxes)

2 x PVC Slatwall (8ft x 4ft) (64 sqft total)

  • 16 x Slats (96-In)
  • 2 x Top Trims (96-In)
  • 4 x J Trims (48-In)
  • 120 x Screws

1 x 20-Piece Hook Kit

  • 2 x 4-In Double Hook (DHK4-L)
  • 2 x Bike Hook (BIKEHK-L)
  • 2 x Small J Hook (JHKS-L)
  • 2 x Big J Hook (JHKB-L)
  • 12 x 4-In Single Hook (MHK4-v2)

 1 x 6-Piece Shelf and Basket Kit

  • 2 x  24-In x 12-In Wire Bracket Shelf  (WS2412)
  • 2 x  15-In x 11-In x 8-In Medium Wire Basket (WB1511-v2)
  • 2 x 24-In x 12-In x 8-In Deep Wire Basket (WB2412-v2)

 1 x H-trim (48-In)



► Fast installation time. 
► Smart trim design for easy corner installation. 
► Hidden screw design for a sleek, professional finish. 
► Universal accessory cavity is compatible with standard accessories. 
► Patented locking feature ensures level installation 
► Flame, mold, water and impact resistant. 
► Withstands extreme heat and cold climates. 
► Impact tested to tolerate 25 times more abuse than drywall.
► Non-Toxic 
► 100% Recyclable. 
► Powder coated accessories resist scratching and corrosion.
► Locking Hooks: Tighten the thumb screw to prevent any slipping, lifting or otherwise unwanted movement. 



The pieces included in this kit allow for 3 variations when installing:

  • 8ft by 8ft (The provide H-trim is NOT used in this configuration)


  • 4 ft by 16 ft (Utilizes the H-trim to connect the two sections of panels seamlessly side by side)


  • TWO separate 4 ft by 8 ft sections.

Distance between each slat is 6 Inches when fully installed.


When installed correctly into studs, CrownWall is one of the strongest slatwall brands on the market! 
► Supports Up to 100 lbs per square foot.


  • 4-Inch Double Hook - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • Bike Hook - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • Small J Hook - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • Big J Hook - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • 4-Inch Single Hook - Supports up to 10lbs / 5kg Each

Shelves and Baskets:

  • 24”x12” Bracket Shelf - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • 15”x 11” Medium Basket - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each
  • 24”x12” Deep Basket - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each


Slatwall: 100% PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Acessories: High grade steel with a sleek, powder-coated grey finish and a rubber coating 
**4-Inch hook, shelves and baskets do not feature rubber coating.


Garage Royalty stands behind our products, this is why we offer a hassle free, lifetime warranty.

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