CrownWall 6" Starter Bundle (4x4 ft) with 10-Piece Hook Kit

Garage Royalty ProductsSKU: BD644WHT10-K

Color: White


This bundle offers an excellent assortment of hooks combined with a 16qft section of our heavy-duty CrownWall to help get you started. The accessories boast high-grade steel back plates which disperse the workload throughout the wall. Empowering you to hang whatever you want, wherever you want!

Cut the clutter with the strongest and most stylish Slatwall on the market! Reclaim valuable square footage by maximizing usable wall space to fit your unique needs. Our modular design means no space is too great or too small. Cover your walls, install a simple section, or even break it into several tracks. Our panels can be easily cut to any desired length. Change your configuration or add to it at any time.



8-slats, 1-top trim (48 in.), 2-J trims (48 in.), and 35-screws, providing a finished coverage area of 4 ft. x 4 ft. (16-total square feet) and 1 x 10-piece assorted locking hook kit

Weight Capacity


Supports 150 LBS. Per Linear Foot. Our Slatwall system is one of the strongest available when properly installed. The rigid back panel eliminates warping while still allowing for airflow. 


4-Inch Double Hook, Bike Hook, Small J Hook, Big J Hook  - Supports up to 55lbs / 25kg Each and 4-Inch Single Hook - Supports up to 10lbs / 5kg Each.




Change your configuration or add to it at any time, CrownWall can be easily cut to any desired size or combined to create larger sections, with optional H-trim and F-trim sold separately to complete a seamless side-by-side connection.

Versatile & Robust

These PVC wall panels are manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions, from extreme cold to flaming hot temperatures. It is non-toxic, water and flame resistant. Impact tested to tolerate 25 times more abuse than drywall. A fantastic storage solution for your garage, shed, laundry room, gym, craft room, and more!

40% Faster Installation

Our patented design is proven faster and easier to install than our competitors. Thanks to our innovative locking feature, achieving a level installation is a breeze. Install over drywall or directly onto bare studs.

Water and Moisture Barrier

Mold, water, and mildew resistance block moisture and help protect the covered area, not recommended for use as shower backsplash.

Heavy-Duty Hooks

Hooks are manufactured from high-grade steel with a sleek, powder-coated grey finish that resists scratching and corrosion. Rubber coating protects and secures supported items. Featuring our unique locking mechanism, the textured thumb screw makes it easy to lock the hook in place, preventing any slipping, lifting or otherwise unwanted movement **4-Inch hook does not feature rubber coating and lock.


We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will be free from defects for life and offer a 5-year warranty on all of our accessories.


The finished installation covers 4ft (L) by 4ft (H) (16 sqft) if installed as pictured.
The distance between each slat is 6 Inches when fully installed.

**Optional H-trim and F-Trim are sold separately to complete a seamless side-by-side connection.


Slatwall - 100% PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Hooks - High-grade steel with a sleek, powder-coated grey finish and a rubber coating 
**4-Inch hook does not feature rubber coating.

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